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Bianca Photography

Bianca PhotographyAs a husband and wife team in the business, Bianca and Grant’s unconditional love and relaxed attitude toward each other transcends to their photographs by making their clients comfortable and confident during their shoots. They use an intuitive, candid and photojournalistic approach to bring back the same emotions and excitement you felt during your wedding day whenever you look at your photographs, as well as capture those special moments that you may have missed.

Often, their clients become their lifelong friends, continuing their relationship long after their wedding day. Bianca and Grant ensure quality and satisfaction for every couple and client they have, by their gentleness, sincerity and sensitivity translating into captivating and heartfelt pictures.

Bianca Photography also offers a new and exclusive wedding photography service, fondly called ‘Flash and Dash’. Chosen photos are processed on site, which allows the couple to take home some of the best photos in their wedding on the same day of their wedding!

Company Address:
P.O. Box 894135
Mililani, HI 96789

Phone: (808) 782 6658
Website URL: http://www.biancaphotography.com
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