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Candace Freeland Photography

Candace always keeps an eye out for the fleeting moments of fun, spontaneity, tenderness and emotion during weddings. She has been living in Hawaii for the past 9 years and since then she has been photographing weddings, families and children, couples and individuals. She makes sure she connects with her clients before each photo shoot [...]

James Han Photography

James Han is a native of Honolulu and holds a Master of Photography degree. He specializes in portrait and wedding photography. Growing up in Hawaii has opened his eyes to the beauty of people, music and fine art. His style is a fresh mix of photojournalistic, fine art and contemporary portraiture. His works have been [...]

Alecia Hoyt Wedding Photography

Alecia stands by her philosophy that photography is a powerful art for documenting the radiance of a couple’s love in wedding portraiture. Her overwhelming passion for wedding photography stems from her desire to capture the bride and groom’s very own vision and not just hers. Alecia’s experience extends to three continents in over ten years. [...]

Gina Finkelstein Productions

Gina Finkelstein is not just an ordinary wedding photojournalist. She is a creative documentary photographer. She has more than ten years of shooting experience and has worked in all aspects of production. Being a people person, she just finds a way to direct shots in a way that makes people feel comfortable. Gina’s creativity and [...]

Studio Eye Candy

“You provide the moments, we provide the memories.” That is what Studio Eye Candy lives by. Made up of three brilliant Japanese photographers, Studio Eye Candy believes in collaborating with everyone, not just the couple but the other suppliers as well, to make your special day perfect. They will not tell the couple what they [...]

Studio 3511

Studio 3511′s Head Photographer, Nicole Seu brings back the same excitement and anticipation you the bride and groom felt on their wedding day through each photograph she takes. She makes sure she always give them quality photographs that will surely stand the test of time. Having a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of [...]

Rachel Robertson Photography

Not only can Rachel Robertson tell the story of your wedding through her pictures, she also captures the essence of your relationship. With her tremendous passion for photography as well as her relaxed and discreet style, she produces amazing and unforgettable images. Her photographs have an intimate and timeless feel, while retaining unique and fresh [...]

Owen and Owen Photographers

Vance and Kimberley Owen have been in the wedding photography business since 1982. They have been in their current location for 15 years and unlike other photographers keep regular business hours in their office, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting an appointment. The continued support of the people made their [...]

Marcia Campbell Photograph

For Marcia Campbell, photography is an art form. Marcia prefers not to put her photographic style in a box. For her, it stands alone as a language of words and meaning. She appreciates the uniqueness of each wedding and interprets those moments differently each time. Those differences for Marcia are what makes them beautiful because [...]

Derek Wong Photography

Derek Wong has that natural and intuitive appreciation for classic beauty. This makes him perfect for this business. Concentrating in photojournalism, commercial and portrait photography, he uses that rare intuition he has, while using the tropical splendor of Hawaii as the stage for his artistic creations. Derek has had experience working with world-class fashion, editorial, [...]


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