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Derek Wong Photography

Derek Wong PhotographyDerek Wong has that natural and intuitive appreciation for classic beauty. This makes him perfect for this business. Concentrating in photojournalism, commercial and portrait photography, he uses that rare intuition he has, while using the tropical splendor of Hawaii as the stage for his artistic creations. Derek has had experience working with world-class fashion, editorial, commercial and portrait photographers. His portfolio includes projects with RealNetworks Inc., Apple Computer Inc., Third Floor Design, Eye Catcher Sunglasses, and US Presidential hopeful Barack Obama. 

Later, Derek decided to focus on wedding photography and since then, his work has been featured in Pacific Rim Wedding Magazine, Vancouver Magazine and Style Magazine. He combines his keen attention to detail with his commitment to quality and talent for capturing moving images. He believes that coming up with classically beautiful images requires careful planning, coupled with a dedication to quality and a deep understanding of each couple’s needs – both of which, he possesses.

Website URL: http://www.dwongphotography.com
Email Address: derek@dwongphotography.com

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