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La-vie Photography

la-viephoto.jpgMore than a thousand words…

La-vie photography seems like it is quite a big wedding photography company, but keep in mind that the copyright on the website says 2005 , and now it’s 2007 so not all those photographers might not be there. Another reason you may want to contact them for more information, is their news section only has an April 2006, event listed.

La-vie Photography list 9 photographers in the Hawaii region. They each have there own photo gallery samples:

Hawaii wedding photographers:
1) Taka
2) Akira
3) Koji
4) George
5) Kaori
6) Tami
7) Bernard
8 ) Sunny
9) Del

According to their website there are four wedding photography packages. Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Click here to learn more about La-vie wedding photography packages.

La-vie Photography contact information:
Waikiki Landmark 1888 Kalakaua Ave. C109
Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone: 808.941.4778
Fax: 808.941.4427
email: hi@la-viephoto.com

Website : la-viephoto.com

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