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Rachel Robertson Photography

Rachel Robertson PhotographyNot only can Rachel Robertson tell the story of your wedding through her pictures, she also captures the essence of your relationship. With her tremendous passion for photography as well as her relaxed and discreet style, she produces amazing and unforgettable images. Her photographs have an intimate and timeless feel, while retaining unique and fresh elements.

She works with the couple closely so she can determine what really is important for them. This not only helps her tailor the photographs to the couple’s personality, but also build a personal connection with them in the process. 

Rachel graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and moved to New Mexico immediately after. In Santa Fe, she began working with some of America’s top photographers at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. In addition, Rachel imparted her knowledge by teaching photography as part of a gang aversion program for children and teenagers.

Since Rachel moved to Hawaii, her work has been published in various magazines, such as Pacific Rim Weddings, Sun Valley Magazine and Flathead Living. Her commercial work also appeared in a book by Island Heritage.

Website URL: http://www.rachelrobertson.com
Email Address: info@rachelrobertson.com

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